Miles Down Blues Album

L’ Appel du vide


The world swallows dreamers

But it’s full of magic

You don’t lose the calm 

for every snake that you find at your feet


No one is happy with their luck. 

But you feed on chaos 

The rain soaks your dress

You walk with puddles in the shoes


All you want disappears 

under your feet

the world starts to sink 

and you feel the call 

“L'appel du vide”


Things break, things fall down. That's life

From a rose, a petal falls

A day of happiness begets a year of tears


Honest Man


Let me tell the story 

of the most honest man

He worked hard for money 

and for his family 


He mistook night with the day

He confused work with love

he made excuses for not returning home 

never to return come home soon 

How many secrets can a man hide?


A self-made man as a child he went to church

Money burned like snow on his bare hands

Behaved like a jerk. He was the wild one 

greed has no memory


He loved other women

and learned to give them up

someone broke his nose

someone broke his heart

How much shit can a man hide? 

How much shit can a man hide?

Divine season of roses

with good folks and wine 

he was a bon vivant

Guilty is for the weak


He can see the devil in the sky

someone says, 

who gives diamonds to a tramp?

He thinks I'm less than a dog

How much shit can a man hide? 

How much shit can a man hide?

Miles Down


In your defense I have to say

I understand your necessary way

As many stars as in the milky way


Shadows don’t leave their prey

Shadows don’t leave their prey

Outlaw's den is your shelter

when everything is away


It is sure you see the night fall

It is sure I see you get in trouble

Danger knocks at your door

when the darkness fall


Someone told me you're messing around

Stars don’t always show the way

Dogs don’t always bark at the enemy


You walk miles down the lane

Why is there’s no a mother fucking train?

You can breath the smoke under the thin rain

A pale sun warms the rime

The memory of the happy days faded

you can't remember what you did last night


On sunny days think of me

till you see the rain falling over me

You know how much time can we foresee?

Plastic Jesus


I don't care if it rains or freezes

Long as I got my plastic Jesus

Riding on the dashboard of my car.

Through my trials and tribulations

And my travels through the nations

With my plastic Jesus I'll go far.


I'm afraid He'll have to go.

His magnets ruin my radio

And if I have a wreck He'll leave a scar.

Riding down a thoroughfare

With His nose up in the air,

A wreck may be ahead, but He don't mind.


Though the sunshine on His back

Make Him peel, chip and crack,

A little patching keeps Him up to par.

When I'm in a traffic jam

He don't care if I say "damn"

I can let all my curses rol


Once His robe was snowy white,

Now it isn't quite so bright -

Stained by the smoke of my cigar.

If I weave around at night,

And policemen think I'm tight,

They never find my bottle - though they ask.


Gushi Run


Gushi shines the day 

Gushi turns off your night

Gushi runs with bare feet

Gushi burns like the sun


Hard as steel

she surfs on the waves

When nothing seems funny

she takes the midnight train

Gushi runs like fire 

Gushi kills you with a smile

Gushi can steal your heart 

Gushi turns you upside down


She walks on the muddy ground

where the homeless lie

Live is not a fairy tale  

She’s sad when nobody see her


I'm sometimes up 

I'm sometimes down

Trouble will bury me. Trouble will bury me

No one Knows 


No one knows my name 

no one knows what I’ve done

I’m going down South

won’t be back till fall

A good man can’t sink

But I left the bible / for a blonde girl  

You may better, buddy 

But you’ll never find the heal


If you can’t make money, make friends

Gold smell like a good girl, my father said

Get rich or die trying

I thought one dusty day

You may better buddy 

but you’ll never find the heal


Life run fast under my damn shoes

I will be known for not to lose

Lord, you see that lonely road, 

you know it has an end

You may better, buddy. 

But you’ll never find the heal


Nobody knows my name. 

Nobody knows what I’ve done

Bye Bye (She said)


How to get out of this

before the world collapses

I won’t climb up to her window

I’m on the side track

I should to forget it

bye bye she said


She lifted me to the top 

Then she let me fall like a junk

there’s always a last time

I was lost in her crazy eyes

It was nasty but 

bye bye she said


I presume to left this one

but I’m sick when I see her

No time to settle down

I got her last words

Do you know what I mean? 

bye bye she said


bye bye she said

Nothing is Real


Love is real. Since you left anymore

The sun rises in the east

an empty room shows you ain’t here

I’m not good for you 

but nothing is real


She never hid who she really was

when everything seemed lost

she had a suitcase ready

I’m not good for you 

but nothing is real


Time is a thief. I miss you since you go

In the same corner I wait you come

I wait see you coming

I’m not good for you but nothing is real


Summer Camp Blues Album




Walking with my enemy 

Steps beyond the sorrow and joy 

dark side of love is a must see 


Walking on the bustling streets 

like a bum around the town 

and you move like a cat 

on a hot tin roof 

Pain comes from the roofs 

through the smoke 

Night waits with a jaws of a wolf 

Enemy you know where we go 

Enemy our time is short 

Dying, love is dying 

Seeking the best way out 

Enemy you file your claws 

There’s no rest no relief for you 

I was wired to escape from your rage 

You kept pushing till the sea stopped 

Universe collapses and we don’t? 

Soft as the blade of a sword 

You talk to me like I was the one 

I realized too late that we are part of a lie 

Now I pray for no return 

It’s not hard to fill your space 

You are like the smoke from a cigarette 

You kept pushing till the sea stopped 

Universe collapses and we don’t?

The Bride

The bride wears black boots

and a frail white silk dress

and I drive a brand new car

in Las Vegas a burning sky 

My love, the rain is over

I run to you with two wedding rings

When all bets seem lost

Our love is all we’ve got

You said ‘I'm your man’

From the highest tower you made a vow

Be careful if you're playing a game

I have a bullet with your name


Almost Blues 


Almost Blues is nothing tragic 

There’s no reason to love 

When you're away I will know what to do 


No time to mourn. 

It could have been worst 

Now you stick to the past 

While on the radio plays our last song 

You treated me like a dog. 

After every kiss I received a snub 

Now you are taking the ashes of love 

You made me die you made me feel alive 

Almost blues. You left empty-handed 

At last love is an entropic game 

Almost blues 

Almost blues 

Almost blues 

Almost blues


Winter was cold 

I ran the ravine to the church 

There was a time 

When dreams would come true 


I dressed in a football shirt 

I used to play an old guitar 

From a flowery terrace 

I saw trains going to nowhere 


A yellow bird whistled 

through the window 

The turntable played a scratchy song 


I was free in a fishbowl. I was free 

I said one day I would go 

I lived in a sunny attic. Away from danger 

one day I will go 


One day I thought I could be a poet 

Life turned out short. I walked with bare feet 


My country changed 

turning the fishbowl 

Now I can write a poem 


I will come back 

I will come back 

When all ways are blocked


Rat Race 

Rats flee in a race 

Running to steal the time 

We were going straight to a train wreck 

As the banker loves the squatter 

We made the bet 

We loved the risk of a death foretold 


Whatever works, try again 

Can you hear our song of farewell? 


I received a beating 

I got it twice 

Agh! Till I took out my liver by mouth 

We laugh about everything 

We drank ‘Bloody Mary’ one time 

The truth ends up exploding in your face 


You went to the bathroom first 

I went after a while 

Someone banged on the door 

Our story is a roulette wheel 

Smelt like farewell 

but in the end you win again 


You were cheating 

you play with marked cards 

but I carry a gun up my sleeve 

There is no rest, no time to lose 

We’re doomed by fate 

end up like rats down the drain


Black Swan


I swam in the green lake

A faint light beam shone

My bare feet rested in the mud

Every human being lives in a novel plot

Just five minutes can change a life


Suddenly you appeared 

your eyes outshone the day

Seeking a bloody story

you are the black swan

before I met you I was a blind swordsman

We are emigrants from a failed love


You playing on a swing

I wait my turn

everything was broken  

you are the black swan

you call to the moon at the doors of the dark

I want to drown this strong feeling now

I’m back to the river

Now you are a song

What we were is written

you are the black swan

you call to the moon at the doors of the dark

we are emigrants from a failed love


Summer Camp Blues 


Life is like a summer. A summer Camp Blues 

People goin' crazy. You and me too


I can’t be myself. No time to think

Daily I go back home tired without reward 


Dreams are dyin' going nowhere

While you are turning in a fairground all day


Would you kill a hopeless man? You can’t do it

My love, I’m a fool without homeland


Please don’t go away. Please get back

Oh listen! babe you know how I really feel


I’m a workingman victim. I was born just dead 

You can’t kill me. I was made to resist


It’s all you want to change my mind

Don’t ever remind me where is my place


You know babe. Love is a killing field

Think about, there’s no trial to judge our mistakes


Never hang out with someone of m kind

you could lose everything in just one night 


You think love is a war to win

And ‘eternal love’ becomes summertime


Love is like a summer. A summer camp blues

Love is like a summer. A summer camp blues  


Hopeless Blues Album


Au Revoir


Au Revoir she said

Au Revoir she's gone

so far away that it seems

she was never here before

Don't leave me here

don't you leave me here

I prayed before she left.

She showed me her worst face


I promised things

I promised things that didn’t go

but she gave me a wedding ring and deadline     

and that was the end

When the night falls

now when the darkness falls

silver planes fly over roofs

when the darkness falls


I was shy at first

she was bold all the time

at the end she cried me a river

like a little child

When the coffee cools

when a cigarette burns

a french perfume smells

that don’t let me sleep


She tried to be good

almost she got it

She let me be the king

and for a while she was my queen

She had no mercy

didn’t hesitate

she ate a piece of me and

spat the rest, didn't hesitate


Fancy Girl


I’m gonna buy what I fancy. Put her at my backdoor

I’m gonna buy what I fancy. Put her at my backdoor

The way is clear babe active thinking right now


When she shakes her ass for me I can bear the pain

When she moves her ass for me I pretend I don’t care

It's what a gentleman should do to please his maid


What I want is a slinky girl. She won't dance all night long?

What I want is a fancy girl. She won't dance 'fore day?

I‘d like to stay with her when the day starts to end


I can recognize my faults without an ounce of shame

I can admit my sins while I kiss her legs

I'm not proud but I won’t change this for anything else


Mama was always so hard about all my mistakes

Mama was not always fair. Now I struggle to find myself

She let me rest my head on her breasts


I see my love in any place and I hear her moan

I know my love is anywhere and I hear her moan

I can drive my life if I feel her in the dark


Hopeless Blues


Jesus I'm hopeless

Jesus I forgot the way

I felt forgotten and

decided to keep in a blind alley

Don’t expect any good babe

Don’t expect any good with me

I lost my faith gambling

I lost my faith one summer night


I like going to church

while the priest takes a nap

Jesus forgive my sins

Jesus forgive me if you think I’ve sinned

Some nights I see the devil

some he sleeps with me

I lost my faith gambling

I lost my faith one summer night


The day turns grey

I confuse the night with pain

You forgot my name

for a while I’m a hopeless man


Jesus I’m hopeless

Jesus I forgot the way

I'm not mad at you

I’m not alone but I'm not crowded at all

I found love on my way

Someone stole my sadness

I can’t lose more that I got

neither get rid of my roots


Robbie Rose


I drove slowly down the road of blues

Slowly I drove my car on the road of blues

from New Orleans I drove my car     

down the road of blues


It was late at night but the music never stopped

It was late at night but the music never stopped

I tried to sleep but the blues didn’t stop


I'm going where the Mississippi River meets the Wolf

I'm going where the Mississippi River meets the Wolf

I wanna get to Beale Street to rest my bones


Some people said I should meet Robbie Rose

other people said I should meet Robbie Rose

at Room Boogie I met the great Robbie Rose


Down through the red and blue neon way

Down through the red and blue neon way

I took my harp in my pocket and nothing more


I was worried about not living good

I was worried not living good. But I still

Robbie Rose gave me a chance to perform and I did


The Thin Line

I can live with less

with almost nothing

I could pick your hair

or bring you to the beach

but I can’t see the sky

my eyes are so burned

that I can’t hide it.

Neither keep your gaze


I can cross the border

with just a cocaine line

I can go down the river

unable to feel pain

Let me smell your hair

only just for once.

Give me a cigarrette

and I’ll give you a rest


I live like a river going down

I feel like free bird going down

but I can cross the desert

through the thin line at dawn

But I can cross the ocean

through the thin line at dawn


I can’t stop my tears but I can hide them

I can say that I can

and then leave you nothing.

You say I have no choice. You might be right

There are many things that cost

and those that count


It’s not too late yet


I tried to behave myself

resting in the last ditch

I am just a passenger

but it's not too late yet


For each uncut flower

I would pay a dime

“you’re guilty” my wife said

but it's still not too late

It’s the way to redeem myself

to justify my faults


My father dressed smart

He was a worthy man

He taught me to work

He forgot to say the truth

For dignity lives on the edge

it's still not too late


Every man is a poet

though they don’t know

Only love can wake you

but it's still not to late

I saw people losing everything

Waiting for broken promises



I know you, you walked on my tracks

Hey Melvina Hey Melvina

you move with ease

waves not erasing the trail I left behind


I've seen it before

you give a charming look

Hey Melvina Hey Melvina

un deux trois you go to smash

my battered heart


A extra shot of bourbon

and I’ll be on the dance floor

Hey Melvina Hey Melvina

you try to fuss and

I’m a weak man so I’ll marry you


You wipe with a claw

my stupid grin

Hey Melvina Hey Melvina

you dance from a life-boat

and I can’t reach your shore

Cloaca Boogie


You always say that I am a dark dude

You always say I keep secrets in my wallet

Splashing in Cloaca

Splashing in Cloaca

I am not an angel

but girls want to lay down with me


A boogie in Cloaca

A boggie in Cloaca

A boogie in Cloaca

A boogie in Cloaca  

this is my invite to dance

a boogie boogie in Cloaca


For once! you could forget your reputation

For Twice! might you think

you can stand all over me?

Splashing in Cloaca

Splashing in Cloaca

I'm not the devil although it might seem

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